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From: Sidney Gittler
Subject: Fairy Godfather: Skate's StoryThis story contains consensual sex between two teenaged boys. If this
isn't to your liking, is illegal in your neck of the woods or your pop will
beat you if he sees you reading it please leave. If not enjoy. Comments
to sidgcompuserve.comFairy Godfather: Thorgil's Boys
Inspired by Arne
Written by Sid Gittler 2000Introduction: My name is Thorgil and I'm a fairy godfather. Each fairy has an area
of expertise that involves large segments of the population. I have an
interesting assignment.
As you know sexual orientation is something you're born with, but you
have to realize it. My job is to enter the dreams of gay teenage boys who
haven't realized or accepted the fact and through one memorable wet dream
waken them.
The Chief has given nude lolita girl teens
me permission to write down some of my cases.Skates' Story This is about a boy named Skates. No, that isn't his given name but
since he's been on his skateboard since he could walk he got the nickname
and his Mom's the only one who ever uses his given name any more. And man
does he know he's in trouble when she does that.
I followed him around for a couple of weeks and then went back to talk
to the Chief Fairy.
"Sir, in reference case number 69-3749032-02 I believe we have to
postpone action on this case."
"Skates Jenkens sir."
"Tell me why I should overrule the scheduling panel Thor?"
"I don't think he's ready for it up here," I said tapping my head.
"Skates' fourteen, 6'2", 169 lbs. And very into his macho, straight image."
"You have to give me something more," the Chief said.
I took a deep breath. "His father was physically and verbally abusive
to both Skates and his mother. The final straw was when his mother stopped
his father from raping him four years ago. Skates' mother knocked his
father out with a large frying pan and they ran with what was on their
backs. But he still remembers the last words his father said. 'My fairy
boy slut son wants a man's cock up his ass.'"
"So if he's gay his dad was right?" The Chief Fairy said.
"I'm afraid that's what he'll think, and that everything else his
father said and did was justified as well. And he's found happiness and
peace of mind since he and his Mom moved up to Freeport, Maine to be near
her nude loli nymphets pics
parents back then.
"Come back in an hour and I'll give you my decision," the Chief Fairy
said. I bowed and left, satisfied that I'd made a good case. Since I'd been
busy for several weeks I took the chance to check my e-mail account. Yes,
there's e- mail in heaven and a HWW but you can't access it from earth. When I returned to the Chief Fairy's office he was sitting with Carl
Freud, the head of our adolescent psychiatric department.
"Thor, we've discussed your report and agree to 16 yo lolita pics the validity of your
points," the Chief Fairy began and I heard the 'but' that was coming.
"Thank you Sir."
"However, my teen lolita lola erotica analysis says the next opportune time for the lad is in
three years and that could have even deeper repercussions," Freud said in
his deep baritone. "There is a way of doing it now, but it's going to take
some time."
"You'll have to do some double duty little loli model legal and then catch up later," the
Chief said.
"But as you've always taught it's better to do the job right than
fast." We discussed things for another two hours and then I headed back to
Maine. I know it makes me sound even more perverted than some of you already
think but I've found it very helpful to hang around my subject's school,
especially during lunch and gym. With Skates I added his favorite boarding
areas. I studied the varying ways he acted and interacted with the teen stars magazine loli boys in
the different groups. After two weeks I found four classmates who would
work for the first stage.
Every other day for the next week I introduced a naked composite of
the four into Skates' dreams. Changing the mix each time to get a better
idea of the right boy for him. No sex, not even an erection. The
composites were just naked. The final night Skates woke with a start and
sat up in bed for a long time.
Three nights later I used the same composite but this time gave him an
erection, a solid six inches of cut boy meat sticking straight out. The
erection had nothing to do with the story and the boy never touched it.
But Skates' eyes returned to it continually.
Three nights later I stripped Skates in the dream and had his thick
five uncut inches pointing straight up from his bush.
The next time I had my construct stroke himself as the two nude boys
watched television. I decided to gently push Skates and he had a wet
dream. He woke when he came and instantly forgot the details. What he did
was grab a towel and clean himself off and changed into fresh boxers. He
lay back on top of his blankets and stared at the ceiling till his mother
called him for breakfast.
At school he ignored the boy who most resembled the construct. Even
yelled at him in the locker room when the boy asked him what was wrong.
He grabbed his skateboard as soon as school let out and powered his
way home. He ran up to his room, lay down and began to cry. After a few
minutes I stroked his flaxen hair and he dropped into a deep sleep and
began dreaming on his own. It was more nightmare than dream as his friends
turned their back on him. All except one of his skateboarding friends.
There was something special about this boy.
Skates and this boy rode away from the others to the center of town
and took turns going down the steps leading to the LL Bean Outlet store.
Down they rode, up they walked. The only sounds came from the boards
clacking down the wood steps. At sunset the other boy smiled. Skates
smiled russian lolita models website and said thanks. I made sure he remembered the last part of his
dream and when his Mom woke him for supper he was smiling.
The next day was the last Saturday of summer and as soon as the chores
and errands were done Skates grabbed his best board and headed out. His
short-sleeve shirt open over a blue tee with a "Cool as a Moose" logo,
beige cargo shorts that were almost long enough to be pants and sneakers
without socks. Skates headed straight to the steps and the boy was there
with a couple of other boys.
"Hi Skates, going to do the steps?" the boy asked.
"Sure Ross, why I'm here. Hi Kev, Blue."
The other two raised their boards in greeting then after making sure
no shoppers were in the way headed down.
"You cool?" Ross said.
"Cool, you cool?"
"Cooler than you'll ever be," Ross said and headed down the steps with
Skates mere yards behind.
Ross was dressed the model young little lola same as Skates except he didn't have the pre teen loltia pic
tee on
leaving a still tanned torso exposed to the chill air. 5'10" and thin as a
rail but a nice six-pack, shoulder length raven hair that was tied back
with a sweatband. Multiple diamond studs in both ears with hoops in both
lobes. At fifteen he was a year older, a year ahead in school and more
self-confident than the taller boy.
As I watched and listened to them together, and using my Fairy
Godfather talents to be sure I knew Ross was the friend and lover that
Skates needed, and would need to get through the next stage. The best
parts were that Ross had a crush on Skates and that Skates knew Ross was
gay. Of course with the gay stickers on his ever present backpack and
board it was hard for anybody not to. That night I started at Ross' place. The boy slept in the raw and I
went to work.
"Hi Ross," Skates said.
Ross turned and saw the younger boy. He was dressed the same as model young little lola the
last time he'd seen him except he wasn't wearing the tee, and the way the
shirt was hanging open it gave Ross a good view of a solid six-pack and two
perfect quarter sized nipples. Ross felt his cut cock grow to it's full
six-inches under his shorts but did nothing to hide it or make it go down.
"Yo dude, didn't expect to see you here," Ross said and noticed where
Skates' eyes were focused.
Skates shrugged as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Seemed like
the best place to be."
Ross noticed Skate's cock was rock hard under his boxers, which was
now the only thing either was wearing. "You're not careful you'll wet
"Then I guess we'd both better take precautions," Skates said and
pushed them down and kicked them off as Ross mirrored his actions.
"You don't know how long I've wanted this, just to see you naked,"
Ross said.
"Worth it?"
Ross smiled, stepped forward and brought Skates' mouth to his and
kissed him. Suddenly their lips were locked and their hands exploring.
Skates finally broke the clinch and led them to Ross' bed. They sat on the
edge but Skates didn't let go of Ross' hand.
"What is it?" Ross asked finally.
Skates turned away and when Ross reached over and brought it back
around he saw tears in the boy's eyes. He wiped them off gently. "No,
it's not easy being gay. It took me a while to understand and accept it,
to get to the point I'm at today. But there's only one thing you have to
understand tonight."
"What's that?"
"How good this feels."
With that Ross pushes Skates flat on his back and starts kissing his
lips, neck, and down to his nipples. Kissing and licking both until they
were both erect. With his new love moaning and wriggling below him Ross
slowly moved down Skates' solid stomach until he reached the erect cock and
pulled the foreskin away from the top of the five-inch shaft, enjoying the
beautiful sight in all its glory.
Gently he licked the precum up from the cockhead and slit. Ross
sighed as he started swallowing Skates' erection, knowing it wouldn't take
long, the first one never did. But hopefully it wouldn't be the last.
He quickly swallowed Skates' cock and started sucking on it. Within
minutes he Woke with a huge load of jism on his chest. He smiled at the memory
of the dream. After drying himself off with his cum towel he turned over
and went back to sleep with a big smile.
I would have liked to join him in the land of nod but I had work to
do. Despite the late hour Skates was lying awake in bed when I got there.
I dove into his mind, slowing just enough to see he was wearing boxers and
was physically fine. The boy's mind was a jumble. I made my way through,
shutting out extraneous thoughts and conflicts until I came to the core.
On the left was Ross, on the right was his abusive father, and in the
middle stood his mother. All were smiling, as I helped him to sleep Skates
was crying, inside and out.
I took him into a deep sleep for an hour and I rested as well, and
then brought him to a REM stage Ross and Skates were seated on the benches at the bottom of the steps
leading to the LL Bean Outlet store. They're each eating a hot dog and
sipping on a soda they'd bought from the man tending the stand there. They
had shucked their shirts and their sweaty torsos glistened in the late
summer sun.
"What's up?" Ross asked.
Skates shook his head.
"I'm the one you want to talk to bud."
"I know, but it's hard for me."
"Do you think it was easy for me to get this far? For my rents to
accept their son's gay and not a fucking faggot?"
"I keep thinking about."
"Fuck your father, he was an asshole who didn't know nothing but
beating you and your Mom," Ross shouted.
"Shouldn't talk about a man's daddy like that," the vendor said.
"Don't have a daddy, never did really. All he ever did was beat me.
No my bud's right, it's time to put him behind me," Skates said and the man
"Who's in front?" Ross said standing.
"You are," Skates said standing. He stretched out his hand. "Take me
to your house."
Ross took his hand, they took a step and were in Ross' bedroom.
"Teach me," Skates said.
Ross slipped his hands under Skates' shirt and pulled the boy toward
him, looked up at Skates. Skates lowered his head and his lips kissed a
boy's for the first time. He moved his hands to draw Ross closer and felt
naked erection against naked erection. He marveled at how natural, how
good, how beautiful it felt.
Skates reached down and took hold of his boyfriend's cock and began
gently squeezing and stroking it. The pulsating tool felt like velvet. He
felt Ross stroke his own cock and it felt better, ten times better than any
of the times he'd jerked off.
Skates felt Ross' other hand on his butt cheek, and then run down his
crack. When a fingertip touched his hole his cock exploded And he woke up panting while his cock continued to erupt boy juice.
When nude lolita 14 yr he finally settled down he stripped off his boxers and lay on top of
his blanket stroking himself. He smiled as he remembered the dream. It
grew as he understood and accepted his homosexuality. It grew wider as he
remembered the sex and he yelled with joy as his second load of the night
exploded over his chest. In the morning he dressed exactly like he had in the dream and boarded
downtown. Ross was waiting at the bench dressed as he had been.
"I dreamed about you last night," Skates whispered.
"I dreamt about you," Ross said as he ran his fingers down Skates'
bare chest. "Do you want to forget about the boarding part?"
"And the eating and drinking part."
"Depends on what we were eating and drinking," Ross said and stood and
drew the younger, taller boy to him. And as the first tourist 16 yo lolita pics bus drew up
they had their first kiss.
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